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College athletes sue NCAA to get paid

Kevin Perry, Bill Tyndall, Martin Jenkins, and J.J. Moore may never get drafted to the pros or ever make a dime off their sport. However, th…

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Staying fit after giving birth

Being a mother sure can be busy, but experts say exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, and new moms are no exception.


Amazon adds Sunday delivery

Sunday has always been the day of rest for the postman, not anymore. Amazon and the United States Postal Service are teaming up to offer del…


Major ordeal for young parents

Tory and Maresa Law’s little boy, 8-month-old Max, was scheduled for heart surgery Tuesday, but getting him to the hospital was a bigger ord…


Committee looking into V.A. emails

A House committee has issued subpoenas for the e-mails of Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki as anger over delays in care at hospita…


Tornado caught on camera

Surveillance video from St. Luke Church in Tupelo, Mississippi shows the fury of the tornado that struck the building last week.