Cold weather is affecting seasonal sales

At Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam the spring merchandise is out and after a surge in business over the weekend when it warmed up, things dro…


Rustler Busted

Suspected cattle rustler caught with 23 stolen head.

feeding deer

Deer get free meal

Harsh winter prompts Michigan hunters to help out the state’s deer population.

medical mystery

A true medical mystery

Just a few years ago, Patrick Berton was a typical healthy teenager. Suddenly his health declined and after seeing countless doctors not one…

philly plane

Panic on the runway

US Airways flight skids to a halt on its nose after mechanical failure during takeoff.

schoo lmixupup

Blaming the kindergartner?

School district says kindergartner who spend the day at the wrong school after a bus mix-up shares in the blame.

mini pacemaker

Tiny pacemaker offers big hope

Michigan cardiologist is one of the first in the nation to insert miniature pacemaker in patient without surgery.


Healthy Chicken Wings!

Chicken wings are the perfect snack to eat when you’re watching a movie with your family, or hanging out with your friends.