diy cape

Halloween capes & more!

You can spend hundreds of dollars on your Halloween costumes … or you can make your own!

pineapple pie

Ham & pineapple pie recipe

There's under 10 ingredients plus seasoningsā€¦and it's really easy to put together and is an award-winning recipe!

turkey cupcake

Turkey dinner cupcake recipe

It's an easy and delicious recipe, perfect for a weekend brunch or even for Thanksgiving leftovers!


Who is the “clipboard guy”?

Man seen escorting Ebola patient onto plane with no protective gear sparks wave of interest and rumors, but there's an explanation.

mouse and keyboard

Quiz: News in Review

How well did you pay attention to the news this week? Take our quiz to find out.

Misty Upham

Missing actress found dead

Police probing mysterious death of actress Misty Upham, who recently appeared in "August, Osage County and "Django Unchained".