France joins airstrikes

French jets strike ISIS targets in Iraq; work on broader coalition continues.


iPhones arrive!

Customers around the globe line up for the new iPhone 6.


"A Grizzly Experience" at The Big E

If you're heading to the Big E you'll want to check out the Grizzly Bears! We spoke with animal trainer Dexter Osbourne, to learn more about…

healthy chicken

Healthy chicken Mediterranean salad

Want a delicious and easy lunch that's healthy and quick to make? Personal Trainers Tyler Pratt and Ryan Woods from Enfuse Fitness in Enfiel…

end hunger

Bike to fight hunger

Soon, hundreds of people will get on their bikes and raise money for one amazing cause!

kids active

How to keep kids active outside of school

With kids back in school that means they'll spend most of their day sitting down behind a desk. But how you can keep your kids active outsid…

amherst gas leak

Gas leak on UMass campus

Berkshire Gas crews are working to make repairs following a gas leak on the UMass campus.

Demetrice Hall

Jet stowaway busted

Man caught attempting to hide in wheel well of JetBlue plane at Orlando International Airport.

bus toes

Bus crushes toes

School bus rolls over feet of 5-year-old as he's waiting to board.