22news update screen

WWLP.com afternoon top stories 6-9-14

Hampden County has a new top prosecutor, 22News takes a look at the locations of recent shooting incidents in the city, and the 22News Storm…


Summer Hair Tips!

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to add some highlights to your hair or even sport a new haircut!


Make Your Own Portable Travel Game!

Not sure what to do with all those empty Altoids tins you have lying around the house? Why not turn them into your own portable travel game!

POW Controversy In The Spotlight

POW controversy in the spotlight

Lawmakers will be looking for answers about Sgt. Bergdahl’s initial capture, and the deal the Obama administration made to secure his releas…

chocolate bugs

Insects on the menu

A Virginia candy shop is now offering something with a little extra crunch: chocolate covered cicadas, crickets and scorpions.