david shrair

Legal Minute: Massachusetts Wetlands

Attorney David Shrair from the Law Offices of Cooley Shrair in Springfield shared more about the laws of the wetlands in Massachusetts.

when plant

Start your gardens with seeds

There's nothing like fresh fruit and veggies, but eating healthy can be costly unless you grow your own.


Dealing with difficult people

Difficult people are everywhere and sometimes you have to interact with them, even when you don't want to.

mega millions

Waiting for a winner

The waiting and wondering is underway in Merritt island, Florida where one of two Mega Million lottery tickets was sold.


Support for Local Mothers

MotherWoman is now offering more options for local mothers to receive the support they need to succeed!


HRHS Presents "The Sound of Music"

"The hilltowns are alive with the Sound of Music!" One of the world's most famous musicals is making it's way to the valley.

tipsy toddler

Tipsy toddler leads to arrest

A Texas mother and aunt are arrested after a 23 month old girl is found suffering from alcohol poisoning.

chopper crash

The search for clues

Federal aviation experts comb through the debris of deadly news helicopter accident in Seattle.

beer lesson

Beer lesson falls flat

A Michigan elementary school teacher encourages 5th graders to sample non-alcoholic beer as part of history lesson.

The Crimea conflict

Rising Costs

The Crimea conflict is far from over, and the costs are starting to mount.

alzheimers caregivers

Bearing the alzheimer’s burden

Women are more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and more likely serve as a caregiver to those affected as well.

elderly driver

Parking lot carnage

Elderly driver plows through high school parking lot, seriously damaging nine cars.

massachusetts lottery

March 19, 2014 Daily Poll

An Uxbridge man registered on the state's sex offender list who won $10 million in lottery winnings in 2008 is being held on $5 million bail…