Pet of the Week: CJ

Welcome to Mass Appeal's Pet of the Week. Every Thursday, we'll introduce you to animals looking for a home from the Dakin Humane Society.

save pet food

Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy dog treats can be difficult to find in the store — so why not make your own?

tr pets

Traveling with Pets

It's hard to pack up for a trip, but if you bring your pet, it can get a little bit harder.


Check out the Castle Street Cafe!

Named as "The Place to Eat" by the New York Times, Castle Street Cafe in Great Barrington is a hidden gem in the Berkshires featuring the fr…

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline/United States Fish and Wildlife Service

March 20, 2014 Daily Poll

A Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate wants to deal with the state's crowded prisons by creating a different avenue for drug offenders.

marathon dancer

Back on the dance floor

Dancer who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing returns to the stage.