Mohammed Hamzah Khan

ISIS: Danger at home?

Illinois teen accused of attempting to join ISIS appears in court; Canada says dozens of militants may have returned from Syria.

gun contract

“Suicide Contract” infuriates mom

Alabama 5-year-old accused of drawing a gun in class forced to sign contract promising she won’t commit acts of violence or suicide.

t science

Fall fun at the Connecticut Science Center

Ew! Bodies can be pretty gross–they’re crusty, stinky, and slimy–but do you know why? You can explore the good, the bad, and the downright u…


Recipes utilizing butternut squash

Besides the insanely popular pumpkin flavor, butternut squash is one of the most popular vegetables to enjoy this season.

halloween safety

Halloween safety for your pets

Everyone is looking forward to trick or treating with their kids, however, for some of us, our kids are our pets!