ma diy makeup

Make Your Own Beauty Cleaners!

We are always looking for ways to save some cash and one easy way to do that is to make your very own beauty products!

ma improve lips

How To Give Your Lips Dimension!

If you are looking to give your lips more definition and fullness, some simple makeup application tips and products can certainly do the tri…

murder plot

Lured toward murder

Man accused of luring 9-year-old girl and her father to vacant home in attempt to film their rape and murder.

pilot parachutes

Pilot leaps to safety

Missouri pilot forced to make his first parachute jump when skydiving run takes a potentially deadly turn.

frequent flyer

Frequent flyer changes

Changes to how airline rewards programs work might mean losing some of your favorite perks.

tech heart

High tech heart monitor

A new device smaller than a quarter is connecting heart failure patients to treatment right at home. It’s a tiny implant with big results.