Super Bowl Forecast

While it will be cold for us here in New England this weekend it will be much milder out in Phoenix, Arizona.


CT woman gets $42,000 phone bill

A Connecticut woman says a friendship ended her with a $42,000 in cell phone charges that are not hers, and a company unwilling to help her.


Top 10 deadliest vehicles on the road

New numbers reveal the deadliest cars on the road. What the study shows overall is the smaller, cheaper vehicles far and away are the deadli…

Dave Matthews Hoists Seahawks Flag

Dave Matthews hoists Seahawks flag

Seattle Seahawks super fan Dave Matthews cheers on the team, hoisting the 12th man flag to the top of the Space Needle.

Stranger Sets Girl On Fire

Stranger sets girl on fire

Police search for man who set 6-year-old girl’s hair on fire as she played outside.