The Voice

“The Voice” goes live

This season’s ten finalists face off in live competition tonight on “The Voice”.

dead phone theft

Caught on Camera: Shocking Theft

Man turns himself in to police after security cameras show him take cell phone from woman moments she’s struck and killed by a train.

pumpkin deer

Oh Deer!

Ohio residents worry deer with plastic Halloween pumpkin stuck on its head may starve.

grocery store

Why are groceries costing you more?

22News is taking a look at what factors are causing you to pay more at the grocery store checkout, and how you can seek savings.


Coyote/wolf stalks pets in East Haven

Halloween was more than a week ago, but I guess it’s not too late to be telling stories about scary beasts roaming your neighborhood.

psychopath brains

Studying the criminal mind

The University of New Mexico is looking for differences in psychopathic minds using inmate volunteers.

detergent dangers

Detergent pod dangers

New research finds thousands of children have been exposed to toxic chemicals from laundry detergent pods since they were introduced.