Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome

There comes a time in every parent’s life when their young spread their wings and leave the nest …but it’s not always easy for Mom and Dad…

Fostering a Pet

Every Thursday we introduce you to our newest pet of the week, but if you’re not ready to adopt a new pet, you can foster them! Foster paren…

Meet a Kangaroo and Capybaras!

Meet some animals from the Zoo in Forest Park! We met a kangaroo and a capybaras with Zoo Keeper Kim Madrak.

plastic cop

Plastic police on patrol

Oklahoma police department uses a dummy dubbed “Waldo” to cut down on speeders.

Make Your Own Chocolate Almond Milk

Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids! Leslie Cerier, the Organic Gourmet from, showed us how to make a family friendly versio…

student apps

Back to school apps

New apps help students manage their schedules and study habits.

Bryce Dion

“COPS” crew member killed

Omaha police say “COPS” audio supervisor was caught in crossfire during armed robbery shootout.

Battery bandits sack Shaker Farms

Two maintenance carts, a golf cart and 22 batteries that operate the golf carts were stolen from Shaker Farms Country Club in Westfield.