Strong warnings in new climate report

The National Climate Assessment out this week has some harsh warnings about how climate change will impact our health, homes, food, and econ…

cnn eye disease

Optometrists push for more rights

Optometrists are limited when it comes to treating their patients. 22News explains why they want more rights to save you time and money.

wood pellets

Apartment complex going green

One Turners Falls apartment complex has turned the oil off, and the renewable energy on. They just finished installing a wood pellet heating…

bottled water

National Drinking Water Week

Drinking Water Week has been celebrated by the American Water Works Association for more than 30 years. The goal is get people to celebrate …

How to dispose of liquid opiates

People looking to dispose of drugs in liquid form may be surprised to find out that the government approves of them being flushed down the d…

westfield police

Wall stops cops

A wall and locked gate stymie Westfield cops response to a call.