crucifix murder

Killed with a crucifix

Oklahoma City woman murders daughter she believed to be possessed by demons by ramming a crucifix down her throat.


Annual Boy Scouts popcorn fundraiser

It’s that time of year again for the Boy Scouts in Western Massachusetts to go door to door selling one of America’s favorite treats. Popcor…

huge gator

Mississippi woman bags massive gator

Tiffany Wienke has only been alligator hunting three times, but she already holds the record for the largest gator ever taken in Mississippi…

pile up

Camera captures nasty crash

Dashcam video of a multi-car pile-up in Binghamton, New York shows Good Samaritans rushing to help injured drivers.


The growing art form of tap

Professional Tap Dancer Keith Leonhardt visited Mass Appeal to talk about the growing art form of tap dancing, for all ages and skill levels…

Primary Shake-Up?

Primary shake-up?

John McCain, Marco Rubio and Debbie Wasserman Shultz face tough primary votes today that could reshape the political landscape.

toddler crash

Dad’s crash targets toddler

Colorado father admits unbuckling toddler and crashing car at 75 miles per hour in effort to kill the boy.