Westfield Red Cross chapter closing

Two local chapters of the American Red Cross are being consolidated with the Pioneer Valley Chapter as part of a nationwide reorganization.


Pet Corner: Emme

If you’re seeking a lap dog extraordinaire, this is your girl!

Paralysis Mystery

Paralysis Mystery

A group of children in Colorado is showing polio-like symptoms, and doctors wonder if it may be linked to a nationwide enterovirus outbreak.

Even grease gets stolen

Even grease gets stolen

A local rendering company who said that the theft of frying grease is a problem not only in Westfield but throughout the region.

flu shot

Get your flu shot and help fight hunger

Every year around this time, 120 million Americans roll up their sleeves to get their annual flu shots.Pharmacist Erica Cracco shared more a…

male fertility

Treatment for Male Infertility

Infertility effects one in every five couples who are trying to conceive, and about 10% of all men in the United States suffer from infertil…

easy peasy

Easy peasy pasta recipe

The name says it all! It's easy, it's pea-sy and it's inexpensive and delicious!