road rage

Drivers may not spread any holiday cheer

Whether you’re running late for a holiday party or stuck in a traffic jam after holiday shopping, nearly 1/3 of drivers admit to aggressive …


Departing House members say goodbye

State representatives who won’t be returning gave their final remarks. 22News found out what’s next for two western Mass. lawmakers.


How to decide where to spend the holidays

It’s the holiday season and many couples face the dilemma of where to spend the day. Do you go to your parent’s house, or your in-laws? Clin…

holiday gift

Holiday gift ideas for men & women

From watches to dress shirts, bottles of wine to glam headphones, there are certain staples that every women and man can use.


Trendy gift ideas from Lately Liz

From tech gadgets to candles, the latest trends in jewelry and more, we’ll tell you where to get your shopping done for all the ladies on yo…

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The price at the pump


A data analysis of gasoline and crude oil prices and some of the forces that drive the market.

Jesus Sign Will Stay

Jesus sign will stay

A sign reading “Happy Birthday Jesus – We Love You” will remain outside of a Utica, New York fire station despite threatened lawsuits.

Deer Go Christmas Shopping?

Deer go Christmas shopping?

Two deer storm into Iowa grocery store, destroy liquor display, then flee after spotting meat counter.

Inmate Left Behind

Inmate left behind

Florida jailer fired after leaving forgotten inmate in courthouse holding cell overnight without food, water or heat.

Joyride Turns Deadly

Joyride turns deadly

Two children are dead and another is fighting for his life after a 9-year-old driver crashes his mother’s stolen car.