The impact of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities in Massachusetts

A federal judge ruled that a president cannot attach new conditions to spending that Congress has already approved.

courtesy: ICE

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) - The debate over immigration and sanctuary cities has continued to heat up across the country in recent months.

The stakes are high for undocumented immigrants, and the cities where they live. President Donald Trump signed an executive order in January that threatened to strip federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities. A federal judge recently blocked that order, but Trump has vowed to take the battle all the way to the Supreme Court.

Should an undocumented immigrant be deported based solely on their immigration status? The leaders of sanctuary cities in western Massachusetts say no, but not everyone agrees with them.

The 22News I-Team discovers how the fight over sanctuary cities could impact communities in western Massachusetts. Watch the report on SANCTUARY CITIES, Tuesday, May 16 on 22News at 6pm.


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