State’s rattlesnake promises still not kept

HARDWICK, Mass. (WWLP) - The state's plan to put endangered rattlesnakes on Quabbin Reservoir land is still a go. The 22News I-Team shows us why the state still has promises to keep.

Five months ago state leaders apologized about how they rolled out a plan to put venomous snakes on the Quabbin's Mount Zion. They made promises to engage the public and start working groups. Five months later....nothing.

The plan is to start a colony of Timber Rattlesnakes at the Quabbin next spring. That's still the case.

Environmental and Energy Affairs Secretary Matt Beaton told 22News they just finalized their plan for working groups this week. "We have done exactly that.  We have id' (identified) the individuals we want in a working group and now we're going to put pen to paper on scheduling some dates and times and look forward to continuing that effort throughout the fall," said Beaton.

Beaton said the state is open to listening to the public about alternatives, but after speaking with Secretary Beaton, the original plan seems pretty set in stone."We're still confident that I think folks, once all the facts are put on the table. this is an effort based in sound science and sound ecology and that's all we're looking to do," said Beaton.

If the state moves forward, those snakes could start living on Mount Zion in the Quabbin by next spring.

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