InFocus: Puerto Rico’s economic crisis

Many people leaving the island are licensed professionals who will need to become licensed in Massachusetts in order to find work.

CHICOPEE, Mass, (WWLP) - Puerto Rico is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, with more than $70-billion dollars of debt. Earlier this month their government failed to pay a $399-Million dollar debt payment.

Because of the fiscal situation, people are leaving the island to find work opportunities in the United States. There are concerns about housing, education, employment and social services for new arrivals in  Western Massachusetts.

This Sunday on 22News InFocus we'll be talking about their debt issues and how it is crippling communities there, and what's being done locally to provide support to families looking to relocate to our region. Find out what's being done to help ease the economic crisis in Puerto Rico on 22News InFocus this Sunday at noon.

For people needing help or looking to donate time or services, we have provided some links to local assistance programs:



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