AM News Headlines 9-21-16

Violent protests in Charlotte, North Carolina overnight…after a deadly police shooting.

AM News Headlines 9-16-16

It all started back in 1916…and today the Big E is once again open in West Springfield.

AM News Headlines 9-12-16

Hillary Clinton will be resting up today instead of campaigning in California.

AM News Headlines 8-5-16

Springfield Police arrested a juvenile for an overnight break-in at the Kensington Avenue School.

AM News Headlines 8-1-16

Police in Springfield are investigating a stabbing that left two workers at a nightclub injured.

AM News Headlines 7-29-16

Springifeld Police are investigating 3 shootings from the overnight… all within 2 hours

AM News Headlines 7-26-16

Two customers tackled a suspect during an early morning armed robbery in Springfield.