pothole patching

Pothole patching product put to work

Some towns are now using a road patching product designed to prevent the cycle of "cold patching" potholes, and then replacing them with a m…

southern snow

Stuck in the snow

Winter weather snarls traffic across the South, leaving thousands of motorists stranded.


“I thought we were dead”

Father and son snowmobilers from Michigan become stranded in wilderness and walk 22 hours in bitter cold and heavy snow to get help.

Alaska stranded

Stranded & Waiting

Residents of Valdez, Alaska weigh their options after avalanches close the only road into town.

salt shortage

Running out of salt

Some Ohio cities could soon run out of the salt used to keep roads from icing over.


Tumbleweeds take over town

Tumbleweeds overrun New Mexico town. Some stacked so high, some people couldn't even get out of their homes.

winter weather

In Winter’s Grip

Miserable conditions persist across much of the country, but will the Super Bowl be spared?

snowmobile accident

Crawling for his life

Man spends hours dragging himself through the snow towards help after snowmobile accident.

winter weather

Worsening Weather

Extreme cold lingers as new storm brings snow and ice to the Southeast.

tow trucks

Heroes of the blizzard

Tow truck drivers are a welcome sight for drivers stranded by Iowa blizzard.