Mudslide leaves eight dead

More than a dozen people are still missing two days after massive mudslide near Olympia, Washington.

Spring apps

Apps for Spring

When you head out to enjoy the warm weather, these apps can help.

A large reflective sign warns drives to use a portion of Shaker Road in Westfield at their own risk after large potholes have been reported citywide. (Photo by The Westfield News/Frederick Gore)

Sign of the times in New England

Residents dealing with one of the worst potholes seasons in recent history can expect relief as the local hot patch plants open to provide t…

winter weather

Winter won’t end

Late winter storm dumps sleet, snow and ice from North Carolina to New England.

campers rescued

Campers pulled from floodwaters

Rescuers pull more than 12 campers and a pet lemur to safety when rapidly rising flood waters overtake their vehicles.

Weather Almanac

The weather almanac provides the high and low temperatures, normals and records, degree days as well as precipitation and sunrise and sunset…


Cold weather is affecting seasonal sales

At Rocky's Ace Hardware in Agawam the spring merchandise is out and after a surge in business over the weekend when it warmed up, things dro…

feeding deer

Deer get free meal

Harsh winter prompts Michigan hunters to help out the state's deer population.