deep freeze

Deep Freeze

Frigid temperatures have much of the country in their grip once again.


Weather expectations for March

Normal high temperatures by the end of March jump into the lower 50s, but we've got a long way to go to get there.

robins in the snow

Do robin sightings mean spring is near?

Many have reported seeing robins flying around western Massachusetts this winter. Some think robins are the first sign of spring, but that's…

ice cold march first

A cold beginning to March

It seems the cold spell that's been lingering here in western Massachusetts has carried over into March.

propane cost

Propane Pain

Skyrocketing propane prices and bitterly cold weather leave many struggling to pay their bills.

deadly exposure

Deadly exposure

Cold weather is the likely cause of death of 6-year-old Minnesota girl whose body was found Thursday in -25 weather.

lake ice

Iced Over

Ice cover on Lake Superior is largest in decades.

salt shortage

Road salt is damaging your shoes

With so much salt on roads and sidewalks, there is no doubt that you are walking around with salt on your shoes, and that isn’t a good thing…

ice jams


Massive chunks of ice on Pennsylvania's Allegheny River have nearly swallowed the town of Parker.


Short and long term pothole fixes

Our mini stretch of dry weather has allowed some communities, like Easthampton, to try a relatively new treatment for potholes.