ice jams


Massive chunks of ice on Pennsylvania's Allegheny River have nearly swallowed the town of Parker.


Short and long term pothole fixes

Our mini stretch of dry weather has allowed some communities, like Easthampton, to try a relatively new treatment for potholes.

plowing snow winter storm

100 million dollars spent on snow removal

Massachusetts cities and towns have spent a lot of money on snow removal this winter. This season has cost the state of Massachusetts over 1…

A fire hydrant remains buried on School Street Monday. (Photo by The Westfield News/Frederick Gore)

Unshoveled hydrant leads to fire loss

Although Southwick firefighters were able to contain a garage fire last week, they may have been able to save more of the structure if a nea…

family in snow

Snowed in!

Several feet of unexpected snow leave family trapped in Washington cabin.

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

Tour bus driver dead in Vt. truck crash

A tour bus struck a jackknifed tractor-trailer collided on an icy western Vermont roadway, killing the bus driver, police said Saturday.


Is it safe to eat the snow?

This winter, we've seen quite a bit of snow. It's everywhere you look, and some people may be tempted to give it a taste. But is it safe to …

robins in the snow

VIDEO: Robins in the snow

The first robins of the year are a sure sign of spring, but with several inches of snow still on the ground, the birds are forced to search …

winter shortages

Winter shortages

A snow-filled winter has left retailers short of items you might not expect.