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AM News Headlines 3-20-14

New information on a possible deal with a Chinese company that could bring jobs to Springfield.

amherst minimum wage meeting 03192014

Amherst votes down minimum wage hike

Wednesday night Amherst town meeting members voted to dismiss a proposal that would have raised the town's minimum wage $7 an hour higher th…


Man steals 460,000 dollars in quarters

It's not the first time a government employee has lined his own pockets with public money, but one man is raising eyebrows after admitting t…

mare adoption session

Matching parents and adoptive children

The Mass. Adoption Resource Exchange hosted a "meet and greet" at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital. Prospective adoptive parents looked…

aaa last day winter

Travelers plan for sunnier days to come

Many people at the 10th annual AAA Travel Showcase Wednesday night temporarily escaped the wintry weather, while planning for their spring a…