Government shutdown threat remains

A bipartisan budget deal still faces strong opposition from members of both parties, with just hours to go before another government shutdow…

Budget deal faces stiff opposition

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she won’t support a new bipartisan budget plan that doesn’t include protection for DACA recipients.

Trump: “I’d love to see a shutdown”

President Trump said he’d “love to see a shutdown” if Congressional Democrats don’t support his immigration and border security proposals.

Sources: President Trump won’t testify

Sources close to Trump’s attorneys tell NYT he likely won’t agree to an interview as scrutiny over the Russia investigation intensifies.

Waiting for “The Memo”

White House sources say President Trump will likely approve the release a controversial memo drafted by House Intelligence Committee.

GOP memo “secretly altered”

Democrats say highly controversial memo alleging FBI bias against President Trump was “secretly altered”.