Debt Ceiling Debate

The debt ceiling is about to take center stage again, and this time it’s unclear what the path out will be.

Leno Says Farewell

Tonight’s the night. Jay Leno’s nearly 22-year reign as host of “The Tonight Show” ends with tonight’s broadcast.

What’s in a Chicken McNugget?

Ever wonder what exactly is in a chicken McNugget? Mcdonald’s of Canada is inviting folks on a video tour that shows the making of a McNugge…

$6 million violin stolen, 3 arrested

Three people are in custody in connection with a stolen Stradivarius violin in Milwaukee. However, the violin is still missing, and a $100,0…

Monitoring blood pressure earlier

A new study finds that monitoring a person’s blood pressure should start decades earlier than most people think.

Winter weather travel tips

It’s been an ugly winter in most parts of the country. Storm after storm and brutal cold have made air travel especially miserable.

No breastfeeding in court?

(WPMI) An Alabama mother says she was threatened after she started nursing her daughter inside a Mobile courtroom. Gina Harris is no strange…

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

“Snow brigade” leaps into action to clear deep snow from Kansas City driveways and sidewalks.


Ice-laden tree falls onto teen’s car, briefly trapping him inside.