Elementary drug scare

Three students treated after taking prescription pain pills at Arizona elementary school.

Dog swallows football

Golden Retriever downs a plate of chicken wings and an entire football during Super Bowl Party.

Storm leaves its mark

A pounding of snow and ice has left a mark on people up and down the East Coast.

Buried Alive

A Montana teen buried alive in an avalanche is saved by his brother who locates and digs him out.

Ageless Love

Couple in their 90s go on their first date and show how you’re never too old to fall in love.

Hanging Hooves

Hawaiian man teaches family’s pet pig how to surf.

Door stops burglars jewelry heist

A suspected jewelry thief meets his match while trying to escape a heist. The entire event captured on surveillance video.

Stores running low on snow supplies

Across the country and right here in western Massachusetts, snow supplies are running out. 22News found out if any new shipments are on the …

Massive merger

Comcast announces plan to acquire Time Warner Cable in $45-billion merger.

Thorny Situation

Snow and ice snarl planned Valentine’s Day deliveries.

Storm grounds flights

The growing winter storm means long delays for travelers at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Fishing for bulldozers

Crew works to recover bulldozer that fell through the ice on a frozen Wisconsin lake.