Things to know about mass shootings

Some things to know about mass shootings: HOW IS ‘MASS SHOOTING’ DEFINED? There is no concrete definition of “mass shooting.” Most researche…

Surprise Delivery: Baby born in toilet!

Lareatha Rahn calls her newborn son Malikai her “miracle baby” after he survived a surprise delivery at home in the family’s toilet.

New York bombing suspect identified

Investigators say Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant, detonated a potentially deadly device inside a New York City subway.

Four injured in subway bomb blast

A suspect and three bystanders were injured Monday morning in what officials are calling an “attempted terrorist attack” on the New York Sub…

Tree costume takes Twitter by storm

University of Alabama student promised to wear a Christmas tree costume for remainder of semester after she received thousands of retweets.