winter weather

Worsening Weather

Extreme cold lingers as new storm brings snow and ice to the Southeast.

tow trucks

Heroes of the blizzard

Tow truck drivers are a welcome sight for drivers stranded by Iowa blizzard.

cop indicted

Officer indicted

Charlotte police officer will stand trial for voluntary manslaughter after shooting unarmed accident victim to death.

one hand flute

Making music

Missouri teacher builds one-handed flute for student with disabilities.

Daniel Chafe

15 years on the run

Oregon fugitive accused of multiple sex crimes found in Montana after years in hiding.

froze to death

Frozen to death

A Ohio teen is dead after he is found frozen to death in his parked vehicle.

Super Bowl Weather

Super Bowl Weather

The spotlight of this year's Super Bowl is not only on the teams, but on the cold weather as this is the first Super Bowl to be played outsi…

heroin overdoses

Heroin deaths spike

At least 22 people have died in western Pennsylvania over the last week after mixing heroin and Fentanyl.

avalanche town

Avalanches cut off town

Two massive avalanches have created a new lake blocking the only road leading into Valdez, Alaska.

skydiving accident

Skydiving Tragedy

CHICKASHA, Okla. (KFOR) A North Texas teen is in intensive care in an Oklahoma hospital after a skydiving accident on Saturday. Makenzie Wet…