ebola teacher

Ebola Panic: Teacher Suspended

Parents demand Maine teacher be removed from school after she traveled to Dallas, but had no contact with anyone associated with the Ebola o…

special touchdown

Touchdown of a lifetime

Two Wisconsin high school teams work together to give one very special fan a moment in the spotlight.

hug lady

“Hug Lady” honored

U.S. Army honors “Hug Lady” Elizabeth Laird, who’s made it her mission to hug every soldier departing or returning to Fort Hood over the pas…

Darren Vann

7 woman found dead in Indiana

Police investigating the slayings of seven northwestern Indiana women whose bodies were found over the weekend.

Peyton Manning

NFL quarterback salary vs. play


An analysis of NFL quarterback salary and performance with data visualizations and a sortable table, updated weekly throughout the 2014 NFL …

Jana Guzalak

Stealing from the dead

Florida woman accused of repeatedly stealing from dead neighbor as his rotting corpse remained undiscovered in his home.

frein manhunt

Frein manhunt shifts

Pennsylvania police shift their focus in manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frein after possible sighting.