Teen kept caged

Mentally disabled teen found caged inside Michigan home.

chili robbery

Chili powder to the rescue!

Convenience store owner tosses cup of hot chili powder into the eyes of would-be robbers.

new apple

New Apple: Son of Honeycrisp?

The University of Minnesota is rolling out a new apple derived from the much beloved Honeycrisp.

Nicole Hockley

From Sandy Hook to Seattle

Mother who lost a son at Sandy Hook campaigns for new gun control measure in Seattle as that community mourns their own school shooting.

Ebola Latest

The latest on Ebola

Two nurses are still recovering from Ebola as officials determine how to deal with health care workers who have been in contact with Ebola p…

roads closed for Agawam parade

Traffic alerts for Tuesday

22News is working for you with a cone zone alert Tuesday for drivers in Chicopee and Easthampton.