Westfield District Court

Back behind bars after four days free

A felon taken in by a Montgomery woman after his release from incarceration in New York was at liberty for four days before he found himself…

22news update screen

WWLP.com afternoon top stories 5-22-14

Police are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly accident in Hadley, police activity in Greenfield caused special precautions to be tak…

healthy grilling

Healthy Holiday Grilling

Beer-basting is just one of the tips pro chefs offer for safer grilling this summer.

dog surgery

Missing dog gets bizarre surgery

A Kentucky family is thrilled to have their 13-year-old Golden Retriever back home after he went missing. Now they just need to figure out w…

Springfield, MA Homicides, 2014

As part of our coverage of crime in western Massachusetts, 22News has put together this map and interactive timeline, providing information …