pierre rouzier

Dr. Pierre Rouzier’s story of healing

Dr. Pierre Rouzier says the Boston Marathon is going to be redeeming. 22News shared with you some of his experiences at the finish line lead…

Bundy protest

Video: Hundreds gather for Patriot party

Hundreds of supporters of Rancher Cliven Bundy came together over the weekend in Nevada. The event was called the Patriot Party and comes ju…

420 Colorado

Denver celebrates 4-20

Thousands turn out at rally in downtown Denver to recognize 4-20. Four-twenty is a so called "code-term" that refers to cannabis consumption…

Searching for Diplomacy

Searching for Diplomacy

Vice President Joe Biden heads to the Ukraine as new bloodshed in the region fuels a more intense search for a diplomatic solution for the r…

Creepy Baby Prowler Arrest

Creepy baby prowler arrest

A man accused of lurking over a child's crib after breaking into a family's home has been charged.

car into church

Car into church

More than 20 people are hurt when car slams into the front of Florida church during service.


Battle over Obamacare continues

President Obama says the debate over repealing Obamacare should end because the law is working, but Republicans are intent on holding Democr…

senior techs

Seniors and Technology

A just released study shows technology is breathing new life into a whole new generation of Americans…senior.

22news update screen

AM News Headlines 4-21-14

36,000 runners are getting ready to take back the finish line in today's Boston Marathon