Driver Runs Down Girlfriend

Driver runs down girlfriend

Home security footage shows Florida man swerve car off road to strike pregnant girlfriend.

Owls Vs. Eagles

Owls vs. Eagles

Footage shows a pair of owls and a pair of eagles going talon-to-talon as they fight over a nest near Decorah, Iowa.

Collision Course

Collision Course

President Obama is headed for a political collision course with the Republicans.

Handcuffed Behind The Wheel!

Handcuffed behind the wheel!

Dashcam video from stolen police cruiser shows handcuffed suspect lead police on high-speed chase.

Helmet Cam Highlights Rescue

Helmet cam highlights rescue

Cameras worn by California firefighters show dramatic rescue of three young children from burning home.

Teen Killed Playing With Gun

Teen killed playing with gun

Father of 14-year-old killed by sibling playing with gun charged for leaving weapon unsecured.