hug lady

“Hug Lady” honored

U.S. Army honors “Hug Lady” Elizabeth Laird, who’s made it her mission to hug every soldier departing or returning to Fort Hood over the pas…

Darren Vann

7 woman found dead in Indiana

Police investigating the slayings of seven northwestern Indiana women whose bodies were found over the weekend.

Jana Guzalak

Stealing from the dead

Florida woman accused of repeatedly stealing from dead neighbor as his rotting corpse remained undiscovered in his home.

frein manhunt

Frein manhunt shifts

Pennsylvania police shift their focus in manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frein after possible sighting.

Kevin Makor

Ebola discrimination?

Liberian native upset he’s been placed on paid leave from his job in Massachusetts due to fear over Ebola.

tasmanian devil

Foul play at the zoo?

Staff at Albuquerque’s Biopark Zoo believe an intruder used a chunk of asphalt to bludgeon Tasmanian Devil “Jasper” to death.

Hannah Graham

Graham Search: Remains found

Investigators are working to positively identify human remains found during the search for missing UVA student Hannah Graham.

Czar Controversey

Czar Controversey

President Obama has appointed an Ebola Czar, and some lawmakers are not happy with the selection.

money app

Apps vs Coupons

The days of cutting coupons are over for savvy smartphone shoppers.