Frederick Wenzel IV

Forced to drink

Tennessee teen airlifted to hospital after father forces him to drink liquor…as punishment for previous drinking.

Billy The Kid

Billy the Kid: New face from history

Forensic artist says recently discovered image of Billy The Kid is real, making it only the second authentic photo of the legendary outlaw.

bus driver killed

Bus driver dies saving child

Bus driver pushes child to safety, sacrificing her own life, when safety drill turns into real-life deadly accident.

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Cropped Photo: Cooldude7770 @Wikipedia    / MGN Online

NFL Problems


A look at some of the off-field issues facing certain players in the NFL.

Eric Matthew Frein

Pennsylvania manhunt continues

Gunman suspected of killing one Pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another considered "armed and dangerous".

Poodle Vs. Bear

Poodle vs. Bear

Miniature poodle chases bear away from Pennsylvania family's home.

Planning The ISIS Fight

Planning the ISIS fight

President Obama heads to Tampa to get a breifing from Central Command while Congress prepares to vote to arm Syrian rebels.