No Hints From Romney

No hints from Romney

Mitt Romney addresses economic forum in Salt Lake City forum, but doesn’t discuss potential third presidential run.

Frats Trash Ski Resorts

Frats trash ski resorts

Two ski resorts are cleaning up thousands of dollars of damage allegedly left by fraternities from the University of Michigan.

Super Heroes, Super Bowl, Super Bet

Super Heroes, Super Bowl, Super Bet

Twitter trash talking between Patriots fan Chris Evans, aka “Captain America” and Seahawks fan Chris Pratt, aka “Starlord” from “Guardians o…

Strip-Searched In Class

Strip-searched in class

California mother says her 5th grade son was forced to disrobe after teacher accused him of stealing homework passes.

Toddler Shoots Self

Toddler shoots self

Florida 2-year-old dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound after finding loaded handgun in family car.

A Tale of Two Agendas

A tale of two agendas

In Washington it’s a tale of two agendas, one from the new Republican-controlled Congress, and the other, from a President who is out of pow…

New Device Helps Shed Pounds

New device helps shed pounds

Pacemaker-like “Maestro System” recently approved by the FDA regulates hunger signals between the stomach and brain.