court shooting

Deadly courtroom shooting

U.S. Marshall shoots and kills alleged gang member when he lunges at witness in Salt Lake City court.


Preventing brush fires

Firefighters have had to deal with several brush fires across western Massachusetts throughout the past couple of days.   • New: 5 brush fir…

racist easter eggs VOD

Racist Easter eggs sour holiday

Neighbors in Henrico, Virginia say they were shocked and appalled Easter Sunday morning after finding eggs with messages left on their front…

nbc taxi apps

Smartphone apps for taxi alternatives

Apps like Lyft and Uber are "lifting" off. They're taxi alternatives you can hail with your smartphone. The services use local drivers who g…

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Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

Here's a story that might make you feel old: Nintendo's iconic handheld device Game Boy turned 25 years old Monday.

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Netflix to increase prices

The streaming video company says it plans to raise subscription costs for new customers by one or two dollars in the next few months.


Now is the time to work on the yard

Tuesday is Earth Day, and if you're looking to do something green, you may not have to look any further than your lawn and garden. With the …