clipped cats

Snipped & Clipped

Minnesota animal rescue group defends policy of clipping ears of spayed & neutered pets offered up for adoption.

waste water

Tidal wave of waste

Sewage spills everywhere after a water treatment tank ruptures in northern Kentucky.

dog rescue

Dog pulled from sinkhole

A 14-year-old deaf and blind dog is pulled from sinkhole in Fredrick, Maryland.

deposit mistake

Banking on a mistake

A Georgia teen is charged with a felony for allegedly taking $25,000 that was mistakenly deposited in his bank account.


More victims found

Officials in Washington State say they have now recovered 21 bodies in the mudslide. Thirty people are still missing.

young rent

Millennial home sales

For you parents who have young adult children living with you, new data shows they're still not ready to move out yet.

22news update screen

AM News Headlines 3-31-14

Icy conditions on the roads are leading to a number of accidents this morning…so you might want to build some extra time into your commute…

cnn pets to vet

How to prepare for a visit to the vet

Like us, pets need to see a doctor on a yearly basis, to make sure they are healthy and happy. A lot of people think it's just a matter of b…