dumpster professor

Down in the dumps

Professor works to turn 6×6 dumpster into sustainable living space.

muslim bullying

Hijab harassment

Muslim teen bullied after decision to wear traditional head scarf to school.

mystery monkey

Mystery monkey on the move

Residents of Hillsborough County, Florida say they have seen a wild monkey taking up residence in their neighborhood.

kids abandoned

Youth group abandoned

Man accused of promising Wisconsin Christian youth group a trip to the Super Bowl, then abandoning them in Pennsylvania.

fire puppies

Pups pulled from flames

Pet store owner accused in arson scheme that endangered dozens of puppies.

senior driver

Deadly Mistake

Elderly Florida woman mistakenly kills three people as she leaves a church gathering over the weekend.

student kicked

Teacher kicks student

Aide fired after witness steps in to stop her abuse of special needs student.

winter weather

Another Winter Wallop

After a couple days of unseasonably warm weather, parts of the country are once again being hit by a blast of blustery winter weather.

Jeno Mouton

TSA officer makes threat

A veteran of the Transportation Security Administration is charged with making terroristic threats.

cops vs crows

Cops vs. Crows

Police officers in Idaho under fire for killing crows that have taken over a store parking lot.

TN plane crash

Small plane crashed in Tennessee Monday

The pilot of a small plane that crashed in Tennessee Monday night is credited with maneuvering the plane so it missed a YMCA and retirement …

Breached Retailers Testify

Breached retailers testify

Target's CFO is on the Hill today to testify about the data breaches their company faced.

cnn heroin

The use of heroin is on the rise

Drug officials fear the apparent drug overdose of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is evidence of a trend; a sharp increase in Americans' use of…