OK quake

Quake in the forecast

Early morning earthquake rattles KJRH studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma during weather forecast. Watch meteorologist George Flickinger react.

school rifles

Court cracks down on gun sales

Supreme Court upholds law banning “straw” gun sales used to quickly transfer firearms to other buyers.

whiskey 7 returns

Whiskey 7 returns

Plane used in D-Day assault returns to home base after anniversary commemorations.

mouth closeup

Dirty Dentist Warning

Patients of Pennsylvania dentists are being urged to undergo testing following revelation that he didn’t properly clean equipment.

ellis island

Reunited after 60 years

60 years ago two lives crossed paths as they made their way from Italy to America. Those lives once again have come together, following a re…

murder plot

Lured toward murder

Man accused of luring 9-year-old girl and her father to vacant home in attempt to film their rape and murder.