5 Year Old Shoots Gun

5-year-old shoots gun

A 5 year old discharged a firearm he found in the yard, as police officers try to arrest fathers friend.

giant beehive removed

Beehive removed

More than 10,000 bees were removed from a Colorado home Monday.

daycare herpes

Daycare Herpes

An Oklahoma mother claims her one-year-old contracted a horrible case of herpes from her daycare teacher.

Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Investment

President Obama works to get an infrastructure bill through Congress before the Highway Trust Fund completely runs dry.


Grocery stores changing trends

What we eat and when we eat are shifting. Now grocers are working to offer the right products at the right price.

infant sleeping

Should an infant sleep in your bed?

A new study claims that the death of thousands of children may have been prevented by parents not sharing a bed with their child.