Mosquito bite myths

Mosquitoes are annoying, and no one wants to get bitten, but avoiding them is a pretty good idea because they also can carry serious disease…

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Teens and safe summer driving

We’re almost halfway through summer vacation, but there’s still plenty of free time for teens before school is back in session. For many, th…

hundreds sickened

Hundreds sickened

Hundreds of people are sick after swimming in a lake in Washington.

Activist journalist Jose Antonio Vargas

Vargas Released

Activist journalist Jose Antonio Vargas has been released by Border Control after being detained at the airport on Monday.

lethal injection

Lethal injection problems

Now that certain drugs that had been used in executions are no longer available, Virginia is looking at its lethal injection protocol.

Rescued Hiker Shares Story

Rescued hiker shares story

A rescued hiker talks about his ordeal and how he survived six days in the mountains with a broken leg and no food.

Four Legged Duckling

Four legged duckling

A southern Louisiana family has more than 100 animals, including chickens, roosters and ducks. One in particular, a four-legged duckling, ha…

Joy Riding Kids

Joy riding kids

A nine year old and his four year old partner in crime/cousin strike again. The duo are busted for a second time stealing a car and taking i…

Fashion Show Shooting

Fashion Show Shooting

A gunman is still at large after opening fire on another man inside a crowded mall being used for a fashion show.