Disciplining your dog

Your dog may look guilty — but that doesn't mean he feels guilty. Despite that look — with the head lowered, the ears back and the eyes dr…

i team target shoppers

Target’s profits plunge

Target's profits took a huge hit after that massive holiday shopping season security breech. Several western Massachusetts shoppers told 22N…

Stealing water for pot

Illegal marijuana growers are stealing water from California farmers and endangering drinking water supplies.

lake ice

Iced Over

Ice cover on Lake Superior is largest in decades.

cars for cops

Cars for cops bust

Six California police officers including a former and current chief are accused in scheme in which cars belonging to poor Hispanic people we…

26 time offender

26 and counting

Wisconsin man arrested 26 times for driving without a valid license.

no pot party

Caught on Camera: Cop Smokes Pot

A dispatcher with the Oklahoma City Police Department is caught on surveillance video smoking pot while at work.

Afghan Pullout

Afghan pullout

President Obama presents an ultimatum to Afghan President Hamid Karzai.