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Deputies: man used starving dog as bait

A Phoenix man starved his dog to death and sent a graphic image of the emaciated canine to an ex-girlfriend to try to win her back, authorit…


California in flames

The battle to beat back the flames continues in Southern California.


9/11 Memorial: Sacred Ground

Dignitaries, survivors and families of the victim's of 9/11 gathered today at Ground Zero for the dedication of the the National September 1…


Shinseki: “Angry and saddened”

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki told a Senate committee Thursday he won't resign despite reports of wrong-doing at VA hospitals …


A sister’s sacrifice

A set of twins were running in the state track meet when one fell to the track in pain and as you'd expect, her twin came to her rescue and …

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When to introduce babies to solid food

It's an exciting time, introducing your baby to solid food. First-time mom, Becky Pittmann is introducing her 4 month-old twins to solid foo…