payment battle

The mobile payment battle

Several major retailers are rejecting Apple Pay and Google Wallet, saying they’ll develop their own system instead.

barnum auction

The greatest sale on Earth?

Items from the estate of P.T. Barnum’s family are up for grabs in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

copper thieves

Copper Thieves: Cutting the Lights

Kentucky officials say copper thieves are putting motorists at risk by stripping wiring from interstate lighting systems.

ebola virus

Ebola: 5-year-old tested

A 5-year-old New York City boy is undergoing testing for Ebola; nurse freed from New Jersey quarantine.

10 commandments

“The devil made me do it”

Man crashes car into Ten Commandments statue outside of Oklahoma capitol building, threatens President Obama.

cops shot

Cop killer captured

Gunman accused of killing two California deputies and wounding a third apprehended after breaking into occupied Auburn home.