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DC cherry blossoms a month away

It's been a long, snowy winter, but Washington's fabled cherry blossom trees are a hardy bunch and their blooming is right around the corner…

Obama budget

Obama presents budget plan

President Obama unveiled his 2015 budget proposal Tuesday. One highlight of the president's budget is an expansion of the Earned Income Tax …

Areal image from WCAU-TV of the aftermath of the explosion at a condo complex in Ewing Twp., N.J.

At least 6 hurt in N.J. condo explosion

A hospital says it is receiving at least six patients from an explosion at a townhouse complex in a suburb of New Jersey's capital city that…

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras wash out

Cold rain puts a damper on parades in New Orleans as Carnival season comes to a close.

deep freeze

Deep Freeze

Frigid temperatures have much of the country in their grip once again.

meter mixup

Meter Mix-Up

Power company admits sending woman bill for the wrong power meter for more than a decade, but want her to pay the difference.

bird vaccum

Banged up birdie

Parakeet survives being sucked into her owner's vacuum cleaner.

brothers reunited

Back together again

A 58-year search fraught with mystery, heart break and dead ends, ended Monday when two brothers are finally reunited in Indianapolis.

narcan schools

Schools get heroin antidote

Faced with an increase in youth heroin abuse, the mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts puts the antidote Narcan in area high schools.

party beating

House party beating

A neighbor is severely beaten by a teenager after an underage party gets out of control in California.