Cop tries to sweet-talk way out of DUI

Cop tries to sweet-talk way out of DUI

Officer Albert Coriat tried to use his law enforcement position to avoid a traffic ticket. When pulled over, he held out his badge and ID to…

cnn atms

ATMs face the end of security support

Going to the ATM to take out cash, we all do it without thinking twice. In just a few weeks, ATM's could be an easier target for hackers.

cnn salmon

Wild vs. farm salmon: Which is best?

The American Heart Association recommends we eat oily fish like salmon twice a week for its heart healthy benefits. What is best for us, wil…

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DC cherry blossoms a month away

It's been a long, snowy winter, but Washington's fabled cherry blossom trees are a hardy bunch and their blooming is right around the corner…

Obama budget

Obama presents budget plan

President Obama unveiled his 2015 budget proposal Tuesday. One highlight of the president's budget is an expansion of the Earned Income Tax …