6-Year-Old Hero

6-year-old hero

Little boy uses Heimlich maneuver to save his choking friend.

Bell Ringer Racks Up

Bell ringer racks up

One Salvation Army bell ringer knows that charm is the secret to success.

Dog Takes Bullet For Family

Dog takes bullet for family

Family pet leaps into line of fire when man opens fire on family during road rage incident.

Christmas Lights Standoff

Christmas lights standoff

Pennsylvania man opens fire on neighbor as he’s hanging Christmas decorations, then later surrenders after police standoff.

Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday Shopping

If Black Friday didn’t max out your credit cards on holiday shopping, there’s another chance to do it today with Cyber Monday.

Great Grapefruit Season

Great grapefruit season

Grapefruit growers say this is the best crop they’ve seen in about five years, the fruit is sweeter and juicier.

Preventing Toy Injuries

Preventing toy injuries

It’s about this time every year that kids start to formulate their holiday wish lists…