pregnancy app

More people are using dating apps

Increasingly popular smartphone dating apps are making "speed dating" look slow. 22News looked into the appeal of these programs.

dollar bill

$1 Lawsuit

Woman files defamation suit, seeking $1 in damages.

swim safety

Weak in the water

Red Cross survey finds half of Americans can't swim well enough to get out of a body of water if they find themselves in over their head.

Co crash survivor

Crash survivor speaks

Colorado woman who lost legs after six days trapped in mangled car discusses her ordeal.

metal object

Mystery metal falls from sky

A South Florida home is damaged when a large piece of metal falls through the roof and into the bathroom.


Chained, drugged, & abused

A man police say forcibly kept a woman as a sex slave for at least a week and potentially off and on for more than 18 months has been charge…


Teen at the top

He may be graduating from high school this month, but already he's entering the political ring.


Hospital outrage

It's hard to imagine: a father spending his final moments in intensive care, and his son rushing to his bed side, only to find a shocking an…


Playground restraining order

A mother has filed a restraining order against a 5-year-old boy after the child threatened her daughter.


A prom to remember

Friday night, high school junior Shannon Doyle's dream came true when she had a date to her prom.