Four Legged Duckling

Four legged duckling

A southern Louisiana family has more than 100 animals, including chickens, roosters and ducks. One in particular, a four-legged duckling, ha…

Joy Riding Kids

Joy riding kids

A nine year old and his four year old partner in crime/cousin strike again. The duo are busted for a second time stealing a car and taking i…

Fashion Show Shooting

Fashion Show Shooting

A gunman is still at large after opening fire on another man inside a crowded mall being used for a fashion show.

5 Year Old Shoots Gun

5-year-old shoots gun

A 5 year old discharged a firearm he found in the yard, as police officers try to arrest fathers friend.

giant beehive removed

Beehive removed

More than 10,000 bees were removed from a Colorado home Monday.