melting icicles falling

Falling ice dangerous for drivers

We finally have a break from the bitter cold. That means melting snow on roofs and highway overpasses. But it re-freezes at night, forming i…


Hidden dangers of solar panels

Lots of people have installed solar panels into their homes and businesses in an effort to help the environment and save some money but the …


Palmer land owners sue Mohegan Sun

Northeast Realty, the Palmer land owners Mohegan Sun was working with, is going to file a lawsuit against Mohegan Sun on Friday.

computers job searching unemployment

Late to work? Excuses and consequences

We've all been there; running a little late to work. 22News looks at a new survey that found some of the wildest excuses for being late, and…

Route 5 traffic

Random sobriety tests on the road

A Pennsylvania man is suing the government over a federal program to monitor impaired drivers. He was pulled over for a random sobriety chec…

rain melt storm drains

Warm weather makes flooding an issue

It was nice and mild Thursday for a change. Many took advantage of this mild weather to clear some of the snow and ice away from around your…


Youth rally for more jobs

Hundreds of teens from across Massachusetts marched to the State House to ask lawmakers for $24.5 million dollars in funding for youth job p…