mud roads

Melting snow causes muddy roads

April showers bring may flowers, but it also brings muddy roads. 22News reporter saw, first hand, the troubles mud season is causing for Fra…


More solar panels coming to Greenfield?

As part of its 2014 sustainable master plan, the city is launching the solar challenge program, in hopes of installing more solar panels, an…

colrain bridge Jacksonville Road Bridge

Colrain bridge to be replaced

A bridge in Colrain will be getting a facelift. 22News spoke with some homeowners near the bridge and found out their concerns.

ray's cycle center in greenfield

Warmer weather bringing out the riders

Spring is finally here and that means more people outdoors and more motorcycles on the streets. 22news found out how a Franklin County motor…


You text. You drive. You pay.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. 22News found out about a national campaign aimed at keeping your phone out of your han…

Coiurtesy: MGNonline

Young adults signing up for healthcare

Monday night at midnight was the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the President's Affordable Care Act. 22News found some young…


Narcan now available in Greenfield

Franklin County is still fighting the battle against drugs and now reinforcement is available. 22News found out about a drug that some say c…