abandoned home

Quiz: Abandoned and condemned properties

We have all seen abandoned properties, but just how many are there, and what does it take for officials to condemn a house? See how much you…


New park fee is keeping charities away

As the weather warms up, people will be gathering in local parks to raise money for various charities, but the 22News I-Team discovered why …

palmer dpw director

2nd O.U.I. for Palmer DPW Director

The 22News I-Team discovered that Palmer police arrested the town's Director of Public Works for an O.U.I. on Tuesday night.

forest park

I-Team: Forest Park and nonprofit groups

It’s spring in western Massachusetts, and along with the budding trees and blooming flowers, charity walks become a much more common site at…


Drone legislation a concern nationwide

The increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones, has federal and state legislators working to create regulation…

i team mgm springfield

Longmeadow and MGM swap final offers

The town of Longmeadow and MGM Springfield exchanged their best and final offers for a surrounding community agreement. They are currently i…


How to cash in US savings bonds

Do you have U.S. Savings Bonds that you'd like to redeem? Contrary to popular belief, not every bank or credit union will cash them for you.